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Ski & Snowboard Boot Fitting

Maximize Comfort & Performance

For skiers and snowboards alike, perhaps no other equipment selection can have a bigger impact on your overall experience than your boots. They’re responsible for transferring energy from your body to your skis or board, providing feedback from the snow surface, and keeping your feet warm and protected. How well they perform these duties depends on how well they fit. Properly fit boots can improve comfort, increase performance, and help avoid injury. Whether you’re purchasing new boots or seeking to improve the fit of your current pair, consider a professional fitting to maximize your enjoyment on the slopes. 

Ski Boot Fitting

When Should You Get Fit?

The best time to take advantage of boot fitting services is prior to making a purchase. Our experienced fitters can discuss your specific goals, take measurements of your foot anatomy, assess your stance and balance, and suggest several models to try on. Plan to spend about an hour with us, and be sure to bring along your favorite pair of socks, custom footbeds or orthotics. And, if you’ve owned boots previously, bring your old pair with you—they can help your fitter make a more informed recommendation.

Snowboard Boots

Our Boot Fitting Services

Our friendly staff have the expertise to help guide you towards the best fitting equipment. When recommending ski and snowboard boots, we’ll help narrow down the options based on your priorities—whether it’s being as comfortable as possible, achieving your best performance, or finding the perfect balance of both. Once a selection has been made, we offer additional services, such as heat molding, custom insoles, and shell modification, as well as care and storing information, to ensure you receive the maximum enjoyment and lifespan from your new equipment.

Contact us to discuss your boot fitting appointment today. 

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Ready to find the boots that will support you through all of your winter adventures? We have an excellent selection from top brands, and we're here to ensure that your boots are the perfect fit. Shop online and pickup your items for free on your next visit.

Jim M.

Jim is a Masterfit University graduate and has been a bootfitter at Goldsmiths Sports in Big Bear Lake since 2012. A PSIA certified instructor since 2002, and he was a supervisor and an Assistant Director at the Bear Mountain Ski School for 12 years. He is currently an instructor teaching the able-bodied at Snow Summit. Jim also teaches skiers with disabilities as a staff instructor with the U.S. Adaptive Recreation Center at Bear Mountain. He has also been a boot tester for Americas Best Bootfitters for several years. After the busy winter season, you'll find him on Big Bear Lake in the warm summer months, teaching adaptive water sports with the USARC.

Dallas G.

Dallas grew up on the slopes in Southern California where his father was the Resort Manager for Snow Summit. He raced for most of his youth making it to the Junior Olympics twice. Dallas went off to college and became a PGA Golf Professional, which is his other passion. After years of grinding he decided to return to his hometown of Big Bear Lake California in 2007 to help with the family business- Goldsmith's Sports Inc Ski Shop established circa 1987. He skis as often as he can, which is less than it used to be as he now has two beautiful daughters and a wonderful wife. He has also been a boot tester for Americas Best Bootfitters for several years.   When he's not with his family, he is working, skiing, or golfing. Dallas says he enjoys the aristocratic lifestyle.

Danielle G.

Co-owner and C.A.O. (Chief Amazement Officer) at Goldsmiths Sports Inc. Danielle started building snowboard boots (as there were no snowboard boots yet) in 1987. She was a pro snowboarder for Simms and Morrow snowboards from 1988 to 1991. She has been a Masterfit-certified bootfitter since 2012, a snowsports industry product tester since 1987 and an Americas Best Bootfitters boot tester since 2013. Danielle enjoys heading up to take some hot laps with her family as often as she can, and finds herself enjoy the local resort between her busy work schedule.

Misty K. 

Misty, Goldsmith's Retail Queen", is our manager and retail manager. She was born and raised in Big Bear and has raised her two sons here as well. She has worked retail in our beautiful village before making the move to be our retail manager and buyer. Misty was a competitive mountain boarder before she made the transition to snowboarding. She uses all of this experience as one of our product testers each year to try the boards and boots before we order them.  She is one of our Masterfit certified ski and board boot fitter. When not fitting boots she loves to help pick out gifts and gear for your whole family.

Gen C.

Gen is one of our Masterfit certified boot fitters. She is a AASI certified snowboard instructor and has been a volunteer ski instructor for our differently abled skiers and boarders with US Adaptive Recreation Center at Bear Mountain for several years. In the summer you can find her manning the counter for bike rentals, in the water with the USARC program or assisting the Challenged Athletes Foundation with their Million Dollar Challenge.

Matt M.

In the summer, Matt can be found teaching surf lessons and leading surf adventures with Always Summer Surf School.  When winter calls, Matt migrates uphill to Southern California’s premier mountain experience.  As the Training Manager for Big Bear Mountain Resort Ski and Ride School, Matt can be found at Bear Mountain or Snow Summit during the day and fitting boots at Goldsmith’s at night.  As a PSIA-AASI Certified Ski and Snowboard Instructor, he can provide first-hand experience with both ski boots and snowboard boots.  He has been fitting boots for five years and is always looking to get people in the “perfect fit.”